Learning objectives & Topics

Imagine you are:

  • Working on a pitch for a client that works across different continents and is confronted with severe financial constraints
  • Facing fierce competition from competing banks and you want to beat them in your offered solutions
  • Getting more demand from clients to act as a trusted advisor on working capital management and supply chain finance.

The Cool Connection learning experience is extremely versatile. Its modular design enables it to be tailored to challenge all hierarchical levels within an organization and fulfill the training needs of professionals from multiple professional backgrounds.

What will you learn with The Cool Connection?

The Cool Connection is a versatile learning experience that can be adapted to meet the learning objectives of banks at many points on the value chain and beyond, without losing its pinpoint focus on (financial) supply chain management and working capital.

Depending on the specific group being trained, we can vary everything from the complexity of the simulation itself to the number of rounds used. Specific decisions in the simulation can be switched on off so that every experience of The Cool Connection is uniquely tailored to its participants, whatever your objectives.

Whether you are a production or wholesaling company managing your own supply chain, or a logistics service provider who wants to ‘get inside the customer’s head’, you can use The Cool Connection to:

  • Build internal or external teams
  • Understand the importance and relevance of a company and supply chain strategy
  • Translate strategy into action
  • Learn to ‘speak the same language’ with other value chain partners, internally or externally
  • Experience the power of a professional and well-structured Sales & Operations Planning process
  • Supply Chain Risk Management
  • Appreciate cross-functional trade-offs in the value chain
  • Learn how to manage risks in the supply chain in a coordinated way
  • Better understand the physical supply chain dilemmas
  • Align solutions to client demand rather than pushing certain products
  • Experience the power of a well designed set of KPIs


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"An experience of a lifetime - The game converts you from being an analyst or engineer to being an artist. It's a fast forward version of years of experience: challenges, nightmares and thrills"
Sagar Neel De