A high-performing supply chain needs the collaboration of team members from across the organization as well as the financial institution it works with. Tearing down silos and creating the right cross-functional mindset, however, can be a serious challenge.

The Cool Connection is a cross-functional business simulation that motivates your team to better understand the client’s needs and to deliver optimal performance. Within the simulation, supply chain management best practices from real-world situations are translated into client questions to their banking-counterpart. See for yourself how The Cool Connection will effect positive and powerful change in your organization.

Why is The Cool Connection different?

For a subject as vital as Financial Supply Chain Management, it is not enough to tell people what needs to be done. They must experience it. The Cool Connection is a different way of learning that puts participants at the heart of a lifelike business simulation. Experiencing the impact of every decision that their clients make on a daily basis across the business allows them to break out of their own ‘silo’ within the bank. The importance of cross functional understanding and -collaboration in managing and optimizing the supply chain is just one of the key lessons learnt.

By team experience, participants measure their own performance against others and receive constant feedback from the professional trainers leading the simulation. Between rounds, participants reflect on what just happened, are introduced to new concepts and then go back to put what they have learned into practice in the next round. It is this Magic Circle that makes The Cool Connection so powerful.


 Source: Klabbers, The Magic Circle, Principles of Gaming & Simulation, 3rd Ed, 2009.


Banks who have experienced The Cool Connection find it is not only highly effective but has a lasting impact on participants, delivering long-term benefits and making it the world’s best (financial) supply chain management learning experience.

The best way to understand what makes The Cool Connection unique is to experience it for yourself: contact us for demo session and see if you have what it takes to increase sales by being the partner that corporates are looking for.

"An experience of a lifetime - The game converts you from being an analyst or engineer to being an artist. It's a fast forward version of years of experience: challenges, nightmares and thrills"
Sagar Neel De