The delivery of the training can be tailored to your specific learning objectives and in line with your specific time and/or geographical constraints. We can support you with a wide range and combination of delivery methods from class room, to webinars and e-learning.

Training programs vary in length and intensity, always having your learning goals in mind 


The Cool Connection: Delivered the way you want it, where you want it

The success of The Cool Connection means we can provide local support in various languages in many countries around the world, so wherever you have people who need to experience The Cool Connection, we can help.

As a web-based simulation, The Cool Connection can be offered in many ways. All the teams can be in one room and compete against each other, or different teams can be on different continents and still interact through the game, with the between-rounds learning delivered in a webinar environment.

A typical round of The Cool Connection takes between one and two hours to complete, but the length of the simulation can be varied to suit your needs. Some examples are:

  • Creating Awareness: When your objective is simply to create awareness on key supply chain management topics we can deliver voting sessions from two to four hours
  • Learning and Development: For development purposes our program varies from one day to complete Supply Chain Academies managed on an ongoing basis.
  • Action and change programmes: We can embed The Cool Connection in a change management program. We will extend our support with scans, assessments, coaching, change management and a blended learning platform through our partnership with CrossKnowledge, the world leader in distance learning for management.
  • In-house Academy: We can train your internal staff to facilitate an in-house training program for your employees by means of a 2-day train-the-trainer at your location. This allows you to create the ultimate learning experience while increasing the return of investment!


To find out how The Cool Connection can best be delivered for you, contact us for a confidential discussion.


"An experience of a lifetime - The game converts you from being an analyst or engineer to being an artist. It's a fast forward version of years of experience: challenges, nightmares and thrills"
Sagar Neel De