To optimize the learning the user interface is extremely important. Participants need to navigate easily and intuitively. Background information must be found in a moment. And management information should be instantly available.

Most important precondition when we started: no manuals. A manual drains energy levels of students at a crucial moment: the start. So all help information is integrated in the screens and can be read on a need to know basis.

The Cool Connection: Intuitive design for any device

The Cool Connection’s simulation software has been designed to be easy to use for anyone, on any platform from PC to tablet. There is no need to read a hefty manual before starting, because our intuitive controls allow jump straight in and start learning.

Screenshot: Company Overview (shows performance per role and reflects action points)

Company Overview



Screenshot: VP Role Purchasing(shows performance and decision set for vp purchasing)

VP Role Purchsing


Screenshot: VP Role Sales (shows performance and decision set for vp sales)

VP Role Sales


Screenshot: VP Role Supply Chain (shows performance and decision set for vp supply chain

VP Role Supply Chain


Screenshot: VP Role Finance(shows performance and decision set for vp finance)

VP Role Finance



Screenshot: Asses allocation

Assets allocation



"An experience of a lifetime - The game converts you from being an analyst or engineer to being an artist. It's a fast forward version of years of experience: challenges, nightmares and thrills"
Sagar Neel De