Delivery is in most cases done by the lecturer himself/herself. We provide them with all knowledge and material he or she needs:

  • A free of charge one day train the teacher, if possible on location
  • A complete of the shelf teacher manual and kit with all necessary material and scripts
  • A 24/7 support line when needed

The delivery of the training can be tailored to your specific learning objectives and in line with your specific time constraints.

The Cool Connection: delivered your way

Usually it is the lecturer who delivers The Cool Connection, supported by all the knowledge and material that’s needed to run successful simulation, including:

  • A free-of-charge one day ‘train the teacher;’ session, if possible on location
  • A complete off-the-shelf teacher’s kit with all necessary material and scripts
  • 24/7 telephone and email support when needed

As a web-based simulation, The Cool Connection can be offered in many ways. All the teams can be in one room and compete against each other, or different teams can be on different continents and still interact through the simulation, with the between-rounds learning delivered in a webinar environment.

A typical round of The Cool Connection takes between 90 minutes and two hours to complete, but the length of the simulation can be varied to suit your needs. Some examples are:

  • Compact: A one-day simulation, with three rounds and a short feedback interval between each round.
  • Intensive: A full week program, consisting of six rounds of the Cool Connection on different levels, combined with exercises and lectures.
  • Semester course: A weekly or biweekly schedule of rounds combined with lectures, reading material and exercises and designed to fit into a wider curriculum.
"An experience of a lifetime - The game converts you from being an analyst or engineer to being an artist. It's a fast forward version of years of experience: challenges, nightmares and thrills"
Sagar Neel De